Run Program 4: Inspire Motion Mastery

Starts 30 March 2020

Achieving Mastery means having the drive, the self-discipline and the focus on the process of learning every day so that you can achieve and excel at something. Achieving mastery is a lifestyle choice.

The Inspire Motion Team will be working with you to give you all the strategies and advice you need to achieve mastery. Your 12 week run program and strength program is specific to you and your goals. Your nutrition advice will be aiming for self-efficacy and planning around your budget.

By now you will have a great suite of run sessions, strength programs, activation exercises and recipes in your arsenal. You will have a self-awareness about how you approach exercise and nutrition. You will be empowered to choose your exercise path.

The journey with us will not end. You can subscribe and become and Inspire Motion member for continued advice on all things Inspire Motion. You can also continue on a run program, pilates or get nutrition advice from us.

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