Run Program 2: Inspire Motion Growth

Starts 30 September 2019

We don't want to just see you for 12 weeks. We want to continue to support you, inspire you and work with you to continue to advance your run journey.

We have another 12 week program just for you. We will be asking you to make a Commitment Statement to yourself and make a Vision Board and a set of Goals that match your "why'.

We will set Run Zones this program and personalise your run program around these.

5km, 10km, 21km and 42km run programs available for Trail or Road. You can choose to be faster at the distance you completed in Program 1 or go for a different goal. 

Nutritionally: We will look at the barriers you face and help turn them into opportunities. We will build your confidence and help you have a sustainable nutrition strategy for you.

The Mind is a powerful player in all this and in this program we will talk about strategies to strengthen your resolve around exercise and build resilience, focus and kindness to oneself.

We will continue our journey of self-analysis working with you on how you run. how you move and what you put in your mouth. We will improve your Run Technique and Nourishment of your Body so you can be the best you can be.

We want you to Inspire others to move, eat and be the best they can be.

Results are guaranteed if you follow all the sessions and advice we give you.

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