Run Program 1: Inspire Motion Essentials

Start your run journey with us 1 July 2019.

For 12 weeks we will be with you providing support, guidance, expertise and motivation. This program caters for people that have never run before (and want to learn) to experienced runners. You will learn and grow as a runner, no matter your start point. 

Program options include Learn to Run, 5km, 10km, 21km or 42km* (experienced runners only for the 42km as we think it is too high risk to build run volume in 12 weeks for a marathon when you are first starting out). Trail or Road Run Programs available.

Your Inspire Motion Plan will be a personalised Run program with a Team of Professionals helping you set goals, motivating you, celebrating with you and helping yo get through the challenges or managing exercise in your daily lives.

We will meet with you over video at the start of the program and say Hi and to confirm your goals. You will also complete a Food Variety Questionnaire and a couple of Body Movement Exercises so we can understand how you move. 

You will get a 12 week Training Session Run Program, a strength and conditioning program. You will get recipes relevant to your eating habits and tips to help you make nutrition choices that fuel and nourish your body. You with have 12 weeks of educational articles and/or videos on a range of topics. All this is provided in one easy App so you can write your comments in each training session completed. 

You will have access to the Inspire Motion Team. We will be monitoring your progress and answer any questions you have. You will be part of a great run community. We will Inspire each other and Inspire others to be Active for Life. 

Australian Dollar